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Since its foundation in 1976, our guiding philosophy has been to promote the best interests of our clients while also striving to uphold the ideals of “Fairness, Justice and Professionalism.”

Our strength

Since its establishment in 1976, Miyake & Yamazaki has handled a wide variety of domestic and international matters and accumulated a wealth of legal expertise and know-how.

Moreover, through collaboration with outside lawyers, accountants, tax agents, patent agents, and other professionals as well as active participation in international professional organizations including Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) and Licensing Executive Society International (LESI), the firm has developed an extensive network of experts not only in the Asia-Pacific region, but throughout the world. The ability to tap into this network is one of Miyake & Partners unique assets.

For instance,  we have stationed one Japanese lawyer at Dherakupt International Law Office Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand since 1994. We provide all kinds of legal sevices on Thai law. Also, in 2017, we started providing legal services on Canada law in cooperation with Davis Foreign Registered Law Office, which had opened its office in Toronto, Ontario.
Furthermore, in cooperation with King & Wood Mallesons Law Office of Foreign Law Joint Enterprise, which is Tokyo office of King & Wood Mallesons, locating at the same building of our office,  we provide legal services on Chinese law.  

As a result of this accumulated know-how and extensive network of experts, Miyake & Partners is justly able to take pride in its ability to provide legal services that accurately and expertly respond to the diverse domestic and international legal issues faced by its individual and corporate clients in today’s highly complex society.
In addition, we are confident that we provide legal service of best quality because all of our lawyers maintain close coordination with each other as a team and we can propose reasonable legal fee as a mid-sized law firm.  

Operating policy

Miyake & Partners is keenly aware that each matter is special and unique to each client and demands matter-specific solutions that will necessarily differ from other, albeit similar, matters. Accordingly, our attorneys always keep in mind in their day-to-day practices that continuous, diligent effort is necessary to achieve the most suitable and efficient solution for each client, which solution will not normally be achieved through simple application of statutes or abstract legal theories.

In accordance with this operating policy, our lawyers work solo or as a team considering the best practice for each client matter. This enables us to handle client matters in the manner most suited to ensuring each client’s satisfaction with not only the quality of the work performed, but also its speed and cost-effectiveness.

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